1″ x 1″, found objects

We just got back from a few days in Puebla, and while we were there we were able to visit a talavera factory.  We saw the process from start to finish, from fresh clay dug locally to workable clay, through to glazing.  Although there’s a limited palette of traditional colors that can be used by certified talavera makers, the designs are a different story.  Anything goes.  Ancient local motifs, designs that came with Arab immigrants, designs from Spanish conquerors, and contemporary designs.  It all counts.  I like that as long as the materials and the process remain the same, it’s acceptable to borrow across borders and cultures.  People often have trouble pinning my jewelry down and comment on how something might look Egyptian, or Native American, or French.  While I don’t want to be too derivative, I look for shapes and patterns that please me, informed by art from around the world, all made with the same techniques.