2″ x 1/2″, glass

It’s almost June. And even if it weren’t, both pride and rainbows should be welcome any time of year.  It’s been a week of rainbows. I’ve seen hats, scarves, shoes, and even a mosaic rainbow.  It made me think about how happy I am that rainbows were claimed by a cause as important as LGBTQ+ rights, how glad I am that I can wear rainbows if I choose to, and how nice it would be if we had equivalent symbols of pride for other things.  Maybe green and blue for pride in academic achievement.  Maybe purple and blue for pride in an ethnic culture that’s not European White.  So many possibilities!  I know there are awareness symbols,  like the puzzle piece for autism awareness, but awareness feels very different than pride.  (It made me chuckle that when I edited the photo of this pendant, the first option it offered was “straighten”. )