1″ x .75″, found objects

I was going to make another pendant in the series “balance” since I’m still on a quest to find the perfect balance of time, jobs, energy and interests. But this week is special. It’s the week that 988 rolls out across the U.S. I worked for more than a year to help states and territories get ready for the roll-out of this new mental health crisis line. I helped them piece together new partnerships, assess their resources, and think about what it will really take to respond quickly and fully to someone in crisis. As I balanced my big red bead on its wobbly base, I thought about how precarious the sense of balance can be for each of us. It takes just the smallest jostle to go tumbling down, and the we find ourselves in a pile on the ground it’ll be comforting to know that we can call 988 to help us get back up again.