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Strapped for Time

1″ x .75″, found objects

Someone told me today that if I was strapped for time, she’d be happy to take something off my list. It was such a lovely offer, and so respectful of what feels like a never-ending list of things to do. But the idea of being strapped for time made me take apart a watch (of course) and behind the face showing hours I found a dial with all the days of the month and an even smaller dial inside that one with the sun and moon. It made me reconsider my list. While it feels long when I look at it each day, when I take a step back and think beyond now and today, pull apart the layers of time, I have all the other days of the month, and time in the mornings and at night to get things done, and slowly I tick through my items, one at a time, until they’re gone.