.5″ x 2″, found objects

I love words that move between the different parts of my work.  “Findings” is one such word.  When I’m working on jewelry, findings are the metal pieces that are already manufactured; the wires, hooks, clasps, and jump rings that can make my own creations wearable.  And in my anthropology/public health work, findings are the data that we collect and compile through surveys, interviews, and all the other processes that go into research.  But in my studio and in my house, findings are the little pieces of things that get lost and then discovered under a chair, between cushions, on the floor near the trash can.  This pendant is made of the last type of findings.  I think most of these parts (a bit of a necklace, some ball chain, a zipper pull and some washers) were stashed in one of my pockets while I was cleaning.  And look how official they can seem when they’re combined!