2″ x .5″, found objects

I’m finally eligible, and I have a first dose scheduled on Monday!  I’m torn about accepting the vaccine when I could technically continue to work from home and there are people who are higher-risk than I am that still don’t have it, but as the warm weather has set in, I’ve been starting to work with students again, and it will be amazing to have one more layer of protection for them and for me.  I was thinking about ways to capture the disparities in vaccine distribution and the brain-numbing complexity of this process, but when I sat down I ended up instead with this upbeat stylized image of a syringe and the COVID virus.  I work in public health, so I know perfectly well that the vaccine doesn’t work by directly targeting the virus, but sometimes a half-inch-wide canvas requires some oversimplification.  Maybe next time I’ll find a way to capture my despair over health disparities and inequity in one square inch.