1”x1”, glass, ceramic and antique wallpaper

A few weeks ago, a friend stopped by with a whole truckload of antique mosaic tiles and told me their story. He’d rescued them from a warehouse that his family’s business is about to sell.  They’re from Italy, and must have come from a project 50 or 60 years ago. Near them in the warehouse are marble statues of saints that no one can quite explain.  A whole box of the tiles are curved corner tiles.  Turned upside-down they look like little books.  This pendant combines the tiles that arrived dusty and worn from the warehouse with pieces of wallpaper that was buried two layers below the surface in our house when we bought it to make a tiny book of stories. The stories aren’t easy to read, but they make me curious.


2”x 1/2”, found objects Food itself is just sustenance, but the experience of eating, like the experience of so many other things, […]