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The Broken Glass Ceiling

1″x1″, mosaic with glass and paper

The glass ceiling is an image that’s always intrigued me.  A beautiful idea, being able to look up at the stars or the clouds, but also a barrier to reaching the sky.  As far as my professional world is concerned,  there’s a glut of women in both art and public health, but the most lucrative and respected positions are still held by men.  But I’m a glass artist, and I break glass all the time, so I’ve thrown a rock at this particular glass ceiling.  Made with paper set under clear glass and grouted to highlight the broken spaces, this pendant about challenging  unspoken rules is also an untraditional mosaic that challenges the expectations of what can become tesserae.

It’s time

mixed media, 1″x1″

It’s about time.  I’m finding myself setting my alarm clock and sometimes even using my phone as aback-up alarm.  And when I have a few minutes in between meetings it’s like a little breather, but I’m still watching the clock, counting the minutes until I have to do the next thing.  So this pendant slows time down.  Actually, it stops it.  With the hands of an antique clock set to mid-day it just holds time in place, relishing all the possibility that afternoon holds.

Ice cream

1”x1.5”, glass tiles

My mom always said that ice cream was the best medicine.  She may also have said that sleep is the best medicine, but ice cream is what stuck.  I’m not sure how it happened, but my kids now know to ask for ice cream when they’re sick, so this remedy has made it through at least one more generation.  The ice cream cone in this pendant uses the textured back side of a vitreous glass tile as a cone, and iridized glass for the background.  The cherry on top is a red glass bead.


Pocket vacation

1.5” diameter, mixed media

Friends of mine, all moms of small children, have been talking a lot lately about pocket vacations, the couple of minutes that you can find here and there during the day that feel like a break or a mini vacation. Maybe it’s a five minute shower, or a walk from the car to the grocery store.  I started to imagine what it would look like to actually have a vacation in your jeans pocket and be able to just glance in whenever you need it.