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Cold Moon

1″x 2″, glass and found objects

I’ve been handed a wonderful project by my wonderful friend Tova Speter.  As she creates new work this year she’ll send it along to a poet friend of hers to create a poem inspired by her painting.  Then I will use each poem to inspire a tiny mosaic.  Here is my first piece, inspired by the beautiful words of “cold moon”.  Consider these a sneak preview of a show that we’ll hang in Needham in January where you’ll get to see the whole chain of inspiration.

Spring Greens

1″ x1″, glass and beads

Maybe it’s officially summer already, but the weather this spring was so cold that the growing season is delayed and we’re still getting spring green mixes in our farm share.  This pendant is a color study of spring greens.  Not the dark greens of late-summer collards, but the bright spring greens of pea shoots mixed with the glimmer of new sun.