Note: Additional items for sale can be found in the “What’s New” blog posts.

Decoration: 2”x 1/2”, found objects


Friendship: 1.5”x1.5”, glass


Equal Opportunity: 1.5” diameter, glass, found objects


It’s Time: mixed media, 1″x1″


Curiosity: 1”x1”, glass, ceramic and antique wallpaper


Ice Cream Cone: appx 21″x24″ – $400

Stained Glass panel to be hung in a window.

The Fight for Freedom Continues, appx 26″x26″ framed – $750

Glass mosaic with wall hanging hardware installed.

This piece uses the designs of quilt squares sewn and displayed to guide slaves along the Underground Railroad as a starting point, and builds on the idea of using crafts and everyday materials to make political change by adding updated imagery in the style of quilt squares.  Each of the squares tells an important story about creative resistance. 

Tri a Donut: appx 14″x32″ framed – $500

Stained and Fused Glass, to hang on an interior wall.