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Polka Dots

1/5″ x 1″, glass

I have some important research to do over the long weekend. I’m going to explore the connection between polka and dots.  Where did the term polka dot come from?  Was it connected to the dance? the music?  is it a case of convergent linguistic evolution and polka dots have nothing to do with polka?  For now, I choose to imagine these little dots doing a fun, bouncy dance.


3/4″ x 1/2″, glass and stone

There’s a special beauty to something that is scarce.  Today it’s the weather- a rare unseasonably warm day in November.  I’m trying to bask in the sun as much as possible between meetings.  This pendant shows a vein of shiny dichroic glass buried within its slate surroundings. the glimmer and the glint are more valuable because they’re surrounded by the dull gray of the slate.


1″ x .75″, found objects

There’s a lot that I’m fuming about today.  COVID exposures, a broken-down car, a container that fell hard on my toe, the weather turning cold…but this little headlight bulb that blew in the car last week has the other kind of fuming, the kind that glass artists do on purpose, by sending metallic fumes into tubes and vessels to make beautiful swirly designs on the inside.  This bulb made the magic by itself. Maybe fuming’s not the worst thing.


.5″ x 2″, glass

Today is Diwali and we’re on our way down to DC with a carload of fancy clothes, gifts, food and excited kids.  I love the colors of Diwali, the sweets and the lights.  I also love the excuse to wear over-the-top jewelry, but this pendant is an attempt to capture the reds and golds of good fortune and wealth in a new and simpler way.  Now off to eat sweets and see family!