1″ x 2″, glass and found objects

It might seem like a bit of a leap from this pendant to snails, but let me explain…

We have a terrarium full of snails that we originally found in our yard.  We feed them scraps of food that would otherwise go in the compost, and every time we remember to dampen their cage, they lay eggs under the water bowl.  This week another batch of baby snails emerged from beneath the water bowl and started to slowly climb the walls and explore their habitat.  They start out as a mass of tiny little babies, like a pile of beads, and then they grow into rice-size snails and then into teenage beansprout-sized snails before becoming their mature, full coin size. This pendant uses millefiori massed like the baby snails, huddled in the spaces where they can hide until they’re ready to explore the world.  Our snails are cool, but they’re not as colorful.