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1″ h, 3/4″ w, found objects

I found a bug (might have been a bee but it was black and very large) dead on the path that we were walking along.  It’s wings were iridescent, with all the colors of the rainbow.  I took the wings to find them a new home in this pendant.  Looking at the size of the wings makes me think about the enormous distance that we flew to get here.  Imagine flying across oceans and continents on wings this size!


1″x 2″, found objects

It seems strange that even being here in India, where the colors are intensely bright and varied, my pendants have been subdued.  But the flavors are definitely not subdued.  There’s such an amazing array of spices that nothing ever tastes dull, except, of course, the food that we cook ourselves.  This pendants uses beans, mustard seed and cumin seed to make a dense (and delicious) pattern.


1″ x 1.5″, glass and found objects

After the British conquered India, Hyderabad remained an independent princely state. It wasn’t until 1948 that Hyderabad became part of India.  Walking through the streets of the bazaar that surrounds the now empty Chowmahalla palace, the colors and sequins and beads and sounds are brilliant and somewhat overwhelming.  The stalls of glittery border ribbon and clothes call your attention, but among the stalls was a man quietly selling old coins, including this coin from the Hyderabadi princely state. In this pendant the coin and its history are central to design, lending a color scheme and guiding the form, but the glitter and gleam of the beads that surround it threaten to overwhelm it.  Like looking for the older history amidst the hustle and bustle and color of present-day Hyderabad, you have to look closely.