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Diving for treasure

1″ x 1.5″, found objects

A swim in Lake Dennison helped break the heat yesterday, and at the bottom of the lake was a beautiful clam shell with a big hole through one side. The clam was missing, but little fish were still swarming to eat the small bits of meat that were left inside.  Once it had been cleaned by the little fish I took it home to enjoy.  I always feel like I’m on a treasure hunt at the beach.  With this pendant I’ve taken the lake’s treasure and turned it into my own. The design is also a mosaic nod to the long tradition of Wampum in Massachusetts.  

Kissing an Atom

1″x 2″, beads and found objects

It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea of things that are super small or super large.  I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday about the idea of atoms.  She said “you can’t kiss an atom because it’s teeny tiny” and then proceeded to kiss her hand, saying “I’m kissing lots of atoms”. We talked briefly about the size of the universe, but moved quickly on to people sizes, a relatively small range of tall people and short people.  This pendant is my nod to our imaginary travel through scales. If I were on the Magic School Bus, maybe kissing an atom would look something like this.

Spring Greens

1″ x1″, glass and beads

Maybe it’s officially summer already, but the weather this spring was so cold that the growing season is delayed and we’re still getting spring green mixes in our farm share.  This pendant is a color study of spring greens.  Not the dark greens of late-summer collards, but the bright spring greens of pea shoots mixed with the glimmer of new sun.